About Me

  • Name-Afiqah Mohd Kamal
  • D.O.B-6 April 2002
  • P.O.B-Kangar,Perlis
  • Hobby-Reading and writing
  • Country-Malaysia
  • Ambition-Novelistar

  • Cat(Pusheen Cat)
  • Paris
  • Fadlan Hazim^___^
  • Ain Maisarah books
  • My cute friends
  • Shopping!!!!
  • Ice-Cream :3
  • Eating???
  • Islamic things
  • Liar
  • People mocking
  • Spicy foods
  • Boys
  • Annoying people.
  • People that think she/he is good
Assalamualaikum.So,this is my blog.Now I studying in iKUPS at Bukit Kayu Hitam.14 years old.This year I will take the PT3 examination.Wish my batch in PT3 >.< I learn France at there.Bonjour!Je m'appelle Afiqah.Je suis 15 ans.Je suis eleve.Ahh toooo bajet aih.Being in a boarding school is fun and challenging.You can check out my second blog.All my not-so-creativity idea are in the blog.CLICK HERE

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Qasrina Alya Fazamiza said...

Hai Afiqah.Wah,maknanya kita sama umurlah.Selamat berkenalan...